Inaugural General Student Poster Session

Visit the exhibit hall Wednesday from 12:30 – 4:00 p.m. to participate in the OCEANS’ first-ever general student poster session. Students will be available with their posters to discuss their research and findings. Titles of posters and their authors are listed below.

  1. Geomorphological Analysis of Complex Sand Waves off the Southeast Coast of Ireland (Dawson)
  2. Prospective Deep Sea Coral Habitats on Musicians Seamounts, Pacific Ocean (DeBenedictis)
  3. Analysis of Structural Geomorphology in Ballycotton Bay Bedrock on the South Irish Coast (Drennon)
  4. Geological Correlation of Terrestrial and Marine Bedrock Formations of Courtmacsherry Bay, Southwest Coast of Ireland (Gleaton)
  5. In-Situ Towed Sampling Device for Integrated Calibration and Monitoring of Surface Water Microplastics (Guerin)
  6. Advancing Ocean Data Visualization Through Augmented Reality Technology (Harper)
  7. The Icefin ROV/AUV: Redesigning the Electronics for Increased Robustness in a Hostile World (Hurwitz)
  8. Satellite-derived bathymetry using multispectral remote sensing (Ilori)
  9. Development of the Underwater Swarm Using Visible Light Nonlinear Synchronization (Ito)
  10. Rates of nitrogen fixation by the Sargassum community in the Gulf Stream off the coast of North Carolina (Johnson)
  11. Assessing the relationship between geomorphology and deep-sea coral community on the West Florida Escarpment (Proux)
  12. Underwater Sensor Bench-Test Network Hub: An Instructional Tool in Communicating Cabled Observatory Ocean Science (Scott)
  13. A hand-held optical sensor platform for particle and bacteria measurement (Thompson)
  14. Simulation of Gas Influx Flow Detection in Deepwater Drilling (Wang)
  15. Comparing model-based and image processing techniques for estimating source range using the waveguide invariant (Young)